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Amis Reunis

Amis Reunis

Amis Reunis, or "Friends Reunited", is the famous Stone Boat of Portmeirion.

No visit to Portmeirion Village would be complete without making it down to see the Amis Reunis, or "Friends Reunited", the famous "Stone Boat" of Portmeirion.

Almost as soon as Portmeirion Village opened in 1926, Clough bought and converted an old Porthmadog trading ketch which he moored alongside the quay - the Amis Reunis. The Amis was used as a houseboat until she was stranded on a shoal near the Ynys Gifftan. Her remains can still be seen off the coast of Portmeirion during low tide. 

Clough having failed to bring her back to shore to repair, decided to salvage what he could, and used sections of her mainmast as pillars supporting the dining room's flat roof. Clough later decided that he would build a stone boat on the coastline of The Hotel Portmeirion in homage to the original Amis Reunis.

Portmeirion's famous Stone Boat is a great place for children (and grown-ups!) to play pirates.