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Explore Portmeirion

There is so much to see and do at Portmeirion

NOTE: We will be commencing site work and maintenance in the village on Monday the 5th of November. There will be noise and disruption during this time, however, it is vital that the work be carried out. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.


There is so much to see and do at Portmeirion. Visit The Village, with its variety of shops, cafes, colourful buildings, picturesque piazza, exhibitions and audiovisual displays. Next, explore the 70 acres of exotic woodlands with 19 miles of pathways which cut through forests, secret spaces and coastal coves.

Y Gwyllt ("the Wild") is a sub-tropical woodland garden containing some of the Wales's largest trees and rarest trees. Discover the exotic Japanese Garden with its splendid Japanese cedar, gilded pagoda and lily-covered lake. Search out the Dog's Cemetery, the Tangle Wood, Ghost Garden and Shelter Valley.

Explore the Dwyryd Estuary's white sandy beaches to discover hidden caves, gullies and a flurry of interesting plants. The spindle tree, otherwise know as Euonymus Europaeus, forms a thicket in one place, while pink gentians flower in another. Continue to the coastal path towards the end of the peninsula to find native heather and the rarer evergreen shrub Ulex Gallii, belonging to the pea family.

No visit to Portmeirion would be complete without making it down to see the Amis Reunis. The original Amis Reunis used to be docked on the Quayside and was even used as accommodation. However, following a stormy night, she was shipwrecked. Clough having failed to bring her back to shore to repair, decided to salvage what he could, and the original masts from Amis Reunis were used for the original poles throughout the hotel restaurant. However Clough then decided that he would build a stone boat on the coastline, and this is the current Amis Reunis, and a great place for children to play pirates.

The Village

The Gardens

The Estuary

Amis Reunis